wonger's website


Hi, I'm Justin!
I make simple, useful software.



Draw in the browser, with no visible controls (desktop)


Teaching aid for visualizing venn diagram regions


Check the status of SSBM matchmaking offerings


A music player webapp, like Spotify for JW songs


Trim and timestamp audio with a tiny terminal tool


A PyQt app to make scripture searching as fast as possible


High-level library for hooking into SSBM gameplay


Fill missing categorical data with this algorithm (Python)


Personal recommendations for books, albums, and movies


I'm joining LMT2 for August and September! I plan on finishing either fmin or clark. I'm excited to have friendly supporters and deadlines.

Also, I'm open for work! Reach me at justin@wonger.dev.



___ ___ ___ \\ \\ / \\ \\ / \\ / \\/ \/ \ elcome to my website! I'm a software developer. I'm usually thinking about:

Developer sites can be so drab. I want to share interesting things, like the thrill of making small projects and solving new problems. I also want to inject personal content when possible, like this picture of me.

Here's a few bits about my life: I love math tutoring and teaching. I've worked as an assistant home inspector as well. I'm always down to play soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and any other sport - it really engages the mind and body, and it's great to be with friends in the Florida sun.

I try to take care of myself. I'm eating lots of veggies, going barefoot, and stretching new muscles. I'm reading more books and doodling more doodles. Sometimes I go to bed on time. I wish I had a hammock, and I wish I could snuggle with my cat forever. I've already wasted too much life on screens. Don't make the same mistake - remember to touch grass today! But I hope you enjoy this site first. Consider listening to one of my favorite albums while you browse, too. That's always fun.