Farewell to an unfinished webapp


Screenshots: one, two, three, four, five.


It was a single-page webapp; some javascript, a database for songs, and a python server to connect the two. In more detail:

I'm proud of past me for trying to keep things simple. There's a lot of perks to a stack that stays out of the way. My web projects continue to riff off the same spirit of a minimal tech stack.


Some features I cared about:


Some aspects I didn't focus on:

These are all sensible features worth addressing, but I didn't get to them earlier, and I won't get to them now. I'm reminded of the three innovation tokens that companies get to spend on new technology, but in hobby project terms - you only get a few learning tokens before the hobby project becomes too slow and un-fun.

This project took place in the middle of covid lockdown times like several of my other projects. It's hard to pick them up again, especially when they're "good enough". And now in 2023, JW Library introduced a comprehensive playlist feature that I'm happy to start using. So farewell my little webapp.