I love writing in my notebook.

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Mind on paper

You press the pencil to the paper, hear the little scritch noise, and let the brain barf flow. Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum

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My notebook is my mind, splatted over many pages. Journal entries, charts, sketches, lists, schedules, goals, programming, math, itineraries, …

It's about getting your thoughts out in the purest way possible. Nothing is freer than writing and drawing on paper. It organizes your thoughts and actions. You'll form new ideas. Reinforce the important ones. Release the messy ones.

What's that? You prefer pens? And you need a little more structure? Congrats! You already know what you like, so go ahead and...

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Do whatever works

Honestly, as long as you're writing on something besides a screen, I think you're part of the club. There's so much variety:

Anything goes. What about bullet journaling? Cornell notes? Zettelkasten? Doesn't matter. Just write! If you keep using your notebook, you'll naturally form your own organization strategies.

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But since you're here, and since I really love my notebook, I can't resist sharing the few habits that work for me:

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Thingamjigs and whatnots

Here are some things that go in my notebook. Scheduling, for example, when I'm juggling a lot of variables:

Coding, especially when there's interesting math or logic:

Wireframes and mockups:

Journaling, to clear my head:

Boggle: (I'm always ready!)

Tear off the last page of your notebook, and you have a shareable note to-go! Or origami paper. This is easy with notebooks that have perforated sheets.

Occasional stickers and water spills:

And, of course, doodles. Doodles everywhere.

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Calling all notebooks

Do you love your notebook just as much as I love mine? Are you inspired to start your own? Send me a picture of your notebook: the messiest page you have, ideally. I'll put it here!

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